Mobile First Indexing Is Here!

We’ve been hearing a lot about mobile first indexing. Sites have been preparing for this move for a while now and Google has officially been moving sites to mobile first indexing. As the mobile traffic trend continues to grow, Google has continued efforts to make the web more mobile friendly. This change could mean big things for sites that are not prepared. Does your site follow Google’s best practices for mobile first indexing?

What Is It?

Mobile first indexing means that Google will look primarily at the mobile version of websites for indexation. In the past, the desktop version of the site was the primary version being crawled and indexed. There is still only one index for websites, there is not a separate for mobile vs desktop but mobile is now the primary and initial version being looked at. 

If you do not have a mobile friendly site, fear not. This doesn’t mean your site won’t be indexed but what we’ve learned about user preferences and the ever-growing trend for mobile traffic indicates that sites should be making an active effort towards mobile friendliness. 

What This Means for SEO

For sites still using separate mobile subdomains, if the same optimizations you’ve made on your desktop are not consistent on your mobile site, rankings could decrease. The mobile version of sites will be the primary version used to determine rankings so it should be fully optimized. 

If your site is responsive but the user experience is poor, bounce rate may increase and conversions decrease. The most common issues with mobile sites are issues with page speed, load times, and user experience making it difficult for users to navigate through the site or even load webpages. 

If your site isn’t mobile friendly or fully optimized for search and you’re not sure where to start, Rogue Digital can help. Our experience liaising with dev teams allows us to help guide your site through a smooth transition to mobile friendliness while ensuring it is still fully optimized. Contact us today and Go Rogue.  

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