SEO and Technical Audits

Is your site ranking poorly on Google searches even when you can’t find anything wrong with it? Have you been curious about SEO but aren’t ready to commit to a long term contract? If it’s time to give your website an SEO makeover, Rogue Digital offers one-time full SEO and site audits that will provide a full overview of your site in four different areas: data aggregation, onsite SEO, site health, and offsite SEO.

We start by analyzing your reporting platforms to ensure your site metrics are being tracked properly. After thoroughly auditing your site and researching competitors and keywords, we provide a full analysis and work with you to set up high-impact initiatives to begin organic momentum. The sooner we know the problem, the sooner we can help you shoot to the top of the search rankings.

Reporting Platforms

Rogue Digital will audit your Google Analytics, Search Console, and other reporting platforms to ensure that your site is being properly tracked. In order to track organic gains, we have to ensure the data that is populating is an accurate representation of your site’s performance. These tools also give us insight into the historical data necessary for understanding current performance.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console


Onsite SEO Analysis

Onsite SEO encompasses many factors that we will analyze with each site audit, including keyword and competitor analysis, two areas that set the entire foundation for the organic strategy. In addition, content and metadata are the strongest onsite rankings signals, so we will ensure that they are optimized with your target keywords. Once we have taken care of these major areas, there are several other internal rankings signals that we will analyze using our techniques learned through years of hands-on experience. Most importantly, if you have worked with other SEO firms in the past, we confirm that these companies did not use black hat SEO tactics to remove any information from your site.

  • Backlinks
  • Citations


Technical SEO Analysis

The technical portion of our full SEO analysis looks at all the technical factors that could potentially affect your site?s organic performance. These include mobile usability, the indexation of the site, the site architecture and crawling of the site, and countless of other technical factors that can help us determine exactly how to improve your SEO. The more factors we look at, the easier it will be to optimize your website and get you a higher place in search rankings.

  • Mobile Usability
  • Site Speed
  • Indexation
  • Site Architecture
  • URL Status Code


Offsite SEO Analysis

The offsite SEO analysis looks at your backlinks, social profiles, and citations to ensure that all external factors pointing to your site are helping and not hurting organic performance. Backlinks, or links to your site that are posted on other websites, are one of the strongest signals for your site. Our analysis not only looks at additional linking opportunities, but also audits your existing backlink profile. With an SEO site audit, Rogue Digital ensures that your backlink profile is healthy; we will disavow any unnatural links that could be seen as spam so that your website builds the best reputation possible. Depending on your industry and whether or not your site is local, we will also ensure that you have all the proper citations for your site to be found.

  • Backlinks
  • Citations
  • Social Profiles


Proven Experience

Poor organic performance can stem from a wide array or sources, but Rogue Digital is here to locate and fix these issues as quickly as possible. Whether your website contains five pages or five hundred, our full SEO audits will analyze every aspect of your website so that we can optimize and clean up problems no matter where they hide. If your site isn?t ranking properly and you can?t figure out why, don?t wait around in hopes that things will magically get better. Contact us to schedule an audit and Go Rogue today.

Don?t risk your website with someone who isn?t firmly established in the SEO world. Rogue Digital has years of experience creating e-commerce SEO strategies, so you know that our methods are tried and true across countless satisfied customers. Our dedication to thorough research and analysis at the beginning of a campaign allows us to create effective, sustainable growth for our clients. No matter your SEO needs, Rogue Digital has you covered



How much will and SEO Audit cost?
Our quotes our customized based on the business and the ROI potential. Unlike other agencies, we don’t believe in retainer minimums. We’re focused on creating the best experiences for our customers and a business relationship that will last. Interest in learning more? Contact us today!


How long does it take to complete and SEO Audit?
Full SEO audits can typically be completed in 2-4 weeks depending on the size and depth of the website. To set up a free consultation for your site audit, contact us today!




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