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In today’s digital world, it can be easy to forget about drawing in customers who are looking specifically for a product or service in their area. But despite the surge of internet shopping in recent history, many businesses still make significant profits from their brick and mortar stores. Unfortunately, even the best store or office will never see proper business if nobody in the area can find it in their searches.

If you want your website to appear in place-specific queries, then a local SEO campaign is essential for driving organic traffic both to your site and to your door. With the evolution of the Google search algorithm, a targeted strategy has become essential to compete for rankings regardless of where your business is located.

The algorithm for local results has more than 200 signals, enough to confuse anyone who isn’t already experienced in the field. But at Rogue Digital, local SEO is our specialty, not just an afterthought or an add-on. Our years of experience in a variety of industries mean that we have incomparable insight and direction when it comes to building local SEO strategies.

How Does Local SEO Work?


When searching locally, users will often use a simple city modifier such as “Atlanta” or “Atlanta, GA.” These keywords are obvious and quick wins, and they make up a large percentage of local searches. Other users generally type in vaguer phrases such as “hardware store” or “dentist” and wait to sort through the results based on what is located nearby. Just like with any other search, local businesses that have better SEO will appear higher on the results page than those with poor SEO, even if the two are located in the same area. The key to overall local keyword research is not only identifying the locally modified keywords, but also the keywords that will predict local results.


For good SEO, high-quality, original content is critical. At Rogue Digital, we find the target keywords for your campaign and integrate them seamlessly into new or existing content. When done properly, this will yield web pages that not only rank well in search engines, but also read naturally and professionally. We are able to serve users with targeted and optimized results because we understand exactly what they are searching for. Is your website just getting off the ground? Fear not–we offer SEO content creation services to help expand your site with quality content tailored to your specific business.

Site Health

Poor site health can create a variety of problems, not the least of which is poor organic performance. Our thorough technical analysis will reveal all the elements that are affecting site performance, including page speed, mobile usability, and URL errors, as well as many other factors used for site optimization. The issues often stay hidden from those who aren’t well-versed in web development, but our in-depth investigation can root out the problem and fix it in no time.  

Localization and Citations

Knowing the elements of ranking a local site is something earned from years of trial and error. We’ve created our own Local Site Checklist to ensure you’re hitting the mark and can rank locally in the map results and the organic results. This includes local citations, local qualifiers throughout the site, and other trade secrets learned from experience. Trying to determine all these elements alone could take months or years of work, but Rogue Digital can get you results quickly and easily, giving you more time to run your business.

Do I Need Local SEO?

If you’re ready for customers to start finding you online then local SEO is the right digital strategy for you.

Our Process


The first part of our process is thoroughly researching your competitors, industry, and target keywords. The research phase of our SEO projects guides the organic strategy by identifying the target keywords and strategies to implement throughout the organic campaign. This is the foundation of our project plan and is part of a honed process developed through years of experience.


During the analysis phase. we look at the current state of the site. This includes looking at all existing content, backlinks, and conducting a thorough technical site audit. The technical site audit analyzes of 100’s of factors onsite and offsite that could affect the site’s health and organic performance.


This phase is where we begin implementing all site health changes and organic optimizations. Everything discovered during the research and analysis phases will be utilized on the site through content and code. This is the phase where we begin to see movement in the organic standings of the site.


Once movement begins and the data starts populating our process moves to a data driven approach. Based on the progress of the site we begin analyzing the data and adjusting the strategy accordingly.

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