The digital revolution has caused more and more customers to look online for their goods and services. Many businesses still make significant profits from their brick and mortar stores. Unfortunately, even the best store or office will never see proper business if nobody in the area can find it in their searches.If you want your website to appear in place-specific queries, then an Atlanta focused local SEO campaign is essential for driving organic traffic both to your site and to your door. With the evolution of the Google search algorithm, a targeted strategy has become essential to compete for rankings regardless of where your business is located.

The algorithm for local results has more than 200 signals, enough to confuse anyone who isn’t already experienced in the field. But at Rogue Digital, local SEO is our specialty, not just an afterthought or an add-on. Our Atlanta SEO experts with years of experience in a variety of industries, means that we have incomparable insight and direction when it comes to building local SEO strategies.


When searching locally, users will often use a simple city modifier such as “Atlanta” or “Atlanta, GA”. These keywords are obvious and considered quick wins, and they make up a large percentage of local searches. Other users generally type in vaguer phrases such as “hardware store” or “dentist” and wait to sort through the results based on what is located nearby. Just like with any other search, local businesses that have better SEO will appear higher on the results page than those with poor SEO, even if the two are located in the same area. The key to overall local keyword research is not only identifying the locally modified keywords, but also the keywords that will predict local results.

Users like to research companies online before visiting them in real life. Reviews left by customers can have a huge impact on where your business ranks in the local 3 pack as well as the impressions users get about your business online. Rogue Digital will help create a consistent review generation process as well as teach you the best practices in responding to reviews.

For good SEO, high-quality, original content is critical. At Rogue Digital, we find the target keywords for your campaign and integrate them seamlessly into new or existing content. When done properly, this will yield web pages that not only rank well in search engines, but also read naturally and professionally. We are able to serve users with targeted and optimized results because we understand exactly what they are searching for. Is your website just getting off the ground? Fear not, we offer SEO content creation services to help expand your site with quality content tailored to your specific business. All our content creation adheres to Google’s Quality Content Guidelines.

Site Health
Poor site health can create a variety of problems, not the least of which is poor organic performance. Our thorough technical analysis will reveal all the elements that are affecting site performance, including site speed, mobile usability, indexation, and URL status code errors, as well as many other factors used for site health optimization. The issues often stay hidden from those who aren’t well-versed in web development, but our in-depth investigation can root out the problem and fix it in no time.

Localization and Citations
One of the main factors for local search is the actual location of the search. While you can’t control where users are search from, you can control whether or not your site is appearing when users are in your area. Knowing the elements of ranking a local site is something earned from years of trial and error. We’ve created our own Local Site Checklist to ensure you’re hitting the mark and can rank locally in the map results and the organic results. 





Rogue Digital has the RITE approach when it comes to Atlanta local SEO. Unlike other agencies, Rogue Digital does not use a templated approach to SEO, rather a customizable roadmap supported by the following factors:

Research: Research is at the core of what we do. Proper research helps us understand your industry and business and allows us to create your best local SEO strategy.
Implement: Rogue Digitals technical knowledge allows us to own the majority of site implementation for our clients leading to quicker results and reduced development costs.
Test: Our data based approach keeps us constantly analyzing and testing new things on your website. This isn’t a rotisserie chicken, we don?t set it and forget it.
Enhance: We?re constantly staying up to date on industry trends and techniques ensuring that your site is always adhering to the most up to date best practices


How much does local SEO cost?
Our quotes our customized based on the business and the ROI potential. Unlike other agencies, we don’t believe in retainer minimums. We’re focused on creating the best experiences for our customers and a business relationship that will last. Interest in learning more? Contact us today!

How long does it take to see local SEO results?
SEO is tricky business. Results depend on the current state of your site. It can 2-4 months on average but can also be much quicker or much longer. It takes a more in depth look into your site to estimate when you’ll see an impact. Contact us today for your free consultation and we will walk you through the process.

Will I rank in the local 3-pack?
This is one of the main goals in any Atlanta local SEO campaign. While we cannot guarantee exact results, our project plans are focused on earning placement in the local 3-pack as well as the organic results.

What if I don’t have a physical location?
Not having a physical location will mean that ranking in the local 3-pack is nearly impossible but a local SEO strategy can still be utilized to drive traffic through the organic listings. Contact Rogue Digital today to schedule your free consultation.