Is SEO Still Relevant In 2019?

by Oct 22, 2019SEO

In today’s world of modern advances, many people think that search engine optimization is an outdated practice, something that was popular was recent years but has since fallen out of use. After all, technology now changes so fast that it is hardly uncommon for new promotional strategies to arise almost as quickly. SEO, however, has not followed this same trend. In fact, SEO is still the most popular and effective means of promoting as business, which means that it is still a relevant option in 2018 and beyond.

Consider These Statistics

To start, consider these statistics. According to Marketing Profs, roughly 43% of web traffic comes directly from search rankings, meaning that SEO is responsible for nearly half of your views. Word of mouth and social media links are certainly important to helping your business grow, but if you don’t adopt a solid SEO strategy, you could miss out on a massive portion of potential customers. If that’s not enough, consider that a full 50% of market influencers point to the generation of website traffic as the most important part of a marketing strategy. No matter how effective your other means of promotion are, you still won’t get nearly as much business as you would with proper online optimization

Understand the SEO Industry

If you still haven’t made the move to invest in a proper SEO future for your business, it’s important to understand a little more about the industry. A full 81% of market influencers are satisfied with their SEO, and SEO investments topped $65 billion in 2016 alone. Search engine optimization is far from a flash in the pan promotion strategy that was only popular for a short time. The industry has helped countless companies across the world, and that number is only growing each year. In fact, 82% of marketing influencers say that SEO’s effectiveness is going up, and half of that number described the growth as “significant.” Given these positive trends, SEO is certain to reach greater and greater heights in the year to come.

Why Ads Aren’t Always the Answer

But what about simply paying to promote your business? After all, with a simple monetary investment, you can have your name at the top of the Google search results in no time. Unfortunately, this is far from the same as reaching the top naturally. Potential customers are more than eight times more likely to click on an organic search result than they are to click a paid promotion. No matter how good your company is, many people are automatically turned off by the glaring red “ad” label next to the search result. With a solid SEO strategy, however, you can reach the top of the non-paid results, meaning that your name will be one of the first that someone sees after skipping the ads. Given that Google alone handles more than 3.5 billion searches in a single day, appearing near the top of the organic rankings is vital to bringing in the necessary traffic.

SEO is More Important Than Ever

Despite all of the giant numbers and figures, proper SEO is far from a lofty perk reserved only for the largest and richest corporations. Thousands of independent businesses employ SEO strategies, and many of them have seen significant growth because of it. Better still, this amount is only growing. The number of small businesses investing in SEO was projected to rise nearly 75% in 2017, which means that an untold number of new companies will soon be fighting for the best rankings. If you don’t want your business to fall behind, the time to search for an SEO specialist is now. Even in 2018, search engine optimization has proven to be an effective strategy that can help businesses of any size or specialty. Statistics have shown just how beneficial SEO can be, and the effectiveness is only expected to grown over time. If SEO strategies seem like too much to handle alone, consider hiring an outside consultant to help you get results. Over 75% of companies with SEO plans outsource some or all of the technical work, giving them peace of mind in knowing that their online presence is in good hands. If you haven’t already put together an SEO plan for your company, there has never been a better time to step into the future and better your business with SEO today.

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Is SEO Still Relevant In 2019?

In today’s world of modern advances, many people think that search engine optimization is an outdated practice, something that was popular was recent years but has since fallen out of use. After all, technology now changes so fast that it is hardly uncommon for new...

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