Search Engine Optimization Services


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a website’s visibility in a search engine such as Google. While there are many ways to increase traffic on your website, organic SEO ensures that your site reaches the top of a search results naturally rather than by spending money on a paid ranking. Ever notice that when people search for something online, they tend to skip the first three or four options labeled “ad” and move directly to the top links underneath? These sites beneath the ads are the organic rankings, and as you can probably imagine, they tend to get the most clicks and, by extension, the most business.

Through years of experience, we have decoded Google’s search algorithm and now know what works to help a site rank in organic searches. Rogue Digital’s organic SEO strategies are unmatched in their uniqueness. Our Atlanta SEO agency prides itself on data-driven strategies, and we’re confident that you’ll be impressed with our results.

Best of all, you can rest easy knowing that your partnership with Rogue Digital will apply specifically to your business. Unlike other agencies, we don’t use the same plan from client to client, and we don’t set your strategy or project plan without first performing our full initial research and analysis. No matter your company, we use your unique data to drive the direction of our strategies. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with all the newest SEO techniques and trends, and we never take part in dishonest SEO tricks that could hurt your site.



Keyword Analysis
With Rogue Digital, every campaign starts with thorough keyword research. Our goal is to identify feasible target keywords that will produce results and help you rank in areas related to your business. We begin our research by looking at your site’s current rankings and relevance, as well as your competitors’ keyword landscapes. From there, we use several tools and tested processes to identify any additional opportunities to capture rankings.

Competitor Analysis
Rogue Digital does a thorough analysis of all direct and indirect organic competitors. Through this research, we identify opportunities in areas such as keywords, technical site metrics, backlink target, branding and positioning, social metrics, and so much more. During this research, we leave no stone unturned. Once we have compiled as much information as we can, we use this data to build out a strategy that will help your website outperform other sites in your field. If your competitor is doing something to get ahead organically, we’ll figure it out and help you do the same.

Technical Site Audit
Technical site metrics can have a huge impact on your site’s ability to rank organically. We begin with an initial site audit to fully evaluate the health of your website. This thorough audit includes investigation into numerous factors such as site security, mobile friendliness, URL status codes, SCHEMA, indexation, and crawling of the site, among others. These factors have the potential to affect your site’s health, and singling them out is the best way to formulate a plan and fix the issue quickly. Rogue Digital has extensive experience working with dev teams to resolve technical issues, not to mention the capacity to implement fixes depending on the issue at hand. Once we have fixed the initial problems, we perform monthly technical audits in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Setting Strategy
Using the base of research from keyword, competitor, and site health analysis and auditing, Rogue Digital creates a customized roadmap for your website. This roadmap will encompass initiatives best suited to help your website grow organically and begin driving new customers to your website.


Still not convinced? 

We are proud of our work! We’ve been able to get amazing results for some of clients and love sharing them. Our case studies highlight the different industries we’ve worked in, our technical expertise, and the level of results we can get for our clients. 




Rogue Digital has the RITE approach when it comes to Atlanta local SEO. Unlike other agencies, Rogue Digital does not use a templated approach to SEO, rather a customizable roadmap supported by the following factors:

Research: Research is at the core of what we do. Proper research helps us understand your industry and business and allows us to create your best local SEO strategy.
Implement: Rogue Digitals technical knowledge allows us to own the majority of site implementation for our clients leading to quicker results and reduced development costs.
Test: Our data based approach keeps us constantly analyzing and testing new things on your website. This isn’t a rotisserie chicken, we don’t set it and forget it.
Enhance: We’re constantly staying up to date on industry trends and techniques ensuring that your site is always adhering to the most up to date best practices


How much does SEO cost?
Our quotes are customized based on the business and the ROI potential. Unlike other agencies, we don’t believe in retainer minimums. We’re focused on creating the best experiences for our customers and a business relationship that will last. Interested in learning more? Let’s schedule a call. 

How long does it take to see SEO results?
SEO is tricky business. Results depend on the current state of your site. It can 3-6 months on average but can also be much quicker or much longer. It takes a more in depth look into your site to estimate when you’ll see an impact. Contact us today for your free consultation and we will walk you through the process.

Will I rank in the top 3 results?
This is one of the main goals in any organic SEO campaign. While we cannot guarantee exact results, our project plans are focused on earning placement in the top 3 of organic results on target keywords.